Help me find an amp

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Help me find an amp

Post by Cam75 » Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:14 am

Sorry, new here, I'm sure you guys have done this kind of thing to death. My current amp is an Ashdown AAA120. It's alright for small gigs. I was going to upgrade to a Rumble 500 but I borrowed a friends one the other night for a 350 person gig, and I wasn't sure about it. Sounded pretty good once I dialed in (had to take out a lot of the low mids) but at first it seemed a little farty at high volumes. I know lots about guitar amps but not quite as much about bass amps. Looking for suggestions for tight, punchy solutions around the $1K mark (have access to wholesale so can probably look at up to $1500 rrp), 300 watts or more I think. Can't afford much more than that. I play a passive PJ bass in a Fleetwood Mac tribute band that also does some Stevie Nicks solo stuff.

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Re: Help me find an amp

Post by cjj » Sun Dec 15, 2019 3:29 pm

I'vw heard a lot of good things about Markbass amps, though I've never used one myself. There's a Little Mark on trademe, 500W into 4 ohms for $700. Just the head though, no speakers. In Raglan... ... 8b36b2-001

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