Warwick Streamer LX conversion to Passive

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Warwick Streamer LX conversion to Passive

Post by greghr » Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:00 am

Hiya from Gisborne

I haven't been here much lately. Life has been busy and other things have intruded on my bass playing. But this year I am intending to get back into the 'thump' of things.
I've just sold my Jack Casady bass on TM. Sorry to see it go but really I wasn't using it. Fastest sale ever (1 day) with a Buy Now.

Anyway so I'm back to my Highway One Fender P bass with the Thomastic flats which is great for the Uke band I play bass in, and my Warwick Streamer PJ which was formally active but I had it converted to passive. Its still got the MEC pickups from its active days on it and the outputs volume wise are really poor now in passive mode.
So what I have done is purchase a set of Seymour Duncan Quarter pound PJ pickups and I am going to install those into the Warwick body, hopefully with not too much carpentry involved to fit them. I'm ok with a soldering iron. Seymour Duncan provide free pickup wiring diagrams that are very clear. You can't print them but you can get around that on a Mac with Command/Shift/4 screen grab.

I love the feel of this Korean made Streamer LX. The body/neck/headstock sits just right, the Wenge fingerboard is lovely to play and the Maple neck is fast and smooth. For me its a great bass as long as I can get the electronics sorted. I got tired of forever having to change 9 volt batteries in it.

What I am interested to find out your opinions about is this:

Two options for wiring up the new pickups.

Option 1: Wire as PJ: 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 blend control (There are actually 4 knob controls on the Streamer)


Option 2: Wire as PJ: 1 Neck volume, 1 bridge volume, 1 master tone

Which option do you think would give you the most output volume wise, and which option would give you the more characteristic P thump tone and Jazz bark tone? I imagine there will be some compromise I'll have to go for???

Thanks for any feedback
be well in Bass world.

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Re: Warwick Streamer LX conversion to Passive

Post by T-Dub » Sun Feb 24, 2019 1:21 pm

I would go blend with a Z dual pot so that the middle position has full output.

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Re: Warwick Streamer LX conversion to Passive

Post by foal30 » Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:35 am

No idea, I've never had any luck with a P/J
Maybe the turn the single coil option off so no hum

Pleased your back into it Greg.
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