Amp almost blew up?!?!

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Amp almost blew up?!?!

Post by Mr Bass Man » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:15 pm

My on-going problems with my Warwick Profet 5.1 have been well documented and yesterday was nearly the last straw!

We did a charity gig yesterday (Sunday) - only had to play for 1 hour and there was a full PA and sound men, so we just had to bring our own amps / guitars /drums.
I set my bass and amp up and it's all ok, but literally 30 seconds before were about to play my Warwick 4x10 speaker cab starts crackling very loudly like fireworks exploding! I look at my amp and the red light on the gain was flashing wildly (gain was only on 4.5) and the speakers were almost jumping out of the cab!!!
Turned power off immediately, waited about 20 seconds then turned it on again and amp was normal, but there was no sound coming out of the speakers - tried wiggling / adjusting speaker lead, main lead to my DI and DI lead to amp, but nothing.....
So in the end I had to plug straight into their DI and go through front of house - bypassing my amp completely.

Gig went well - I was standing next to speakers so could hear my bass pretty clearly through FOH.
After gig when we start packing up I said to our drummer / singer that I have either blown my amp or speakers
Sound guy asks what happened and I told him and he said - just plug it in and see.... so we did and what do you know? the bloody amp starts working fine!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHH.
Drummer then adjusted my gain and the horrible noise came back when he did that, but didn't make a noise when he stopped.
I've always had a bit of a scratchy gain pot and usually just leave the gain volume where it is and use the master if I need to be louder / quieter.

I don't know if it is just a scratchy gain pot playing up or something more serious.... Drummer is taking the amp to the guy they use to fix all their gear (he tells me the guy is really good), so hopefully if will be fixed by Saturday as we have a wedding to do!

I know this sounds weird but I am hoping my amp is completely f***ed so I can buy a new one!!

ok rant over!
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Bill Fitzmaurice
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Re: Amp almost blew up?!?!

Post by Bill Fitzmaurice » Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:03 pm

Dirty pots can cause problems, though usually not so severe. You should rotate them regularly even if you use the same settings to keep them clean.

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