Clip-on tuners

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Clip-on tuners

Post by sonicfantom » Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:06 pm

I'm looking to buy a nice clip-on tuner, since i'm tired of tuning by the body vibes. It's just a pain.

At the moment, i'm considering the Korg AW-2, which seems to be a pretty good tuner for the money.
My other consideration is the Planet Waves Headstock Tuner, which I'm not 100% sure is trustable. It's almost half the price, though.

As long as it's got a good response time, I wouldn't mind either (though the Korg looks better, IMHO). I'll be tuning every guitar & bass I own with the tuner I buy. I don't want a plug-in tuner, because I want to tune acoustics (and violins :lol: ) with it. Don't want to rely 100% on one with a mic, because I've had to tune more than once in loud places (and I don't own a bass amp).

An accurate, snappy (and probably fairly expensive, knowing my standards) plug-in tuner can wait.

Any comments, opinions, or advice?
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