Effects and DI

Effects pedals or devices to alter the sound of your bass
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Effects and DI

Post by mickeyj4j » Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:27 pm

Hi at the moment I have borrowed the church Samick BA50 bass amp to practise at home. This is an 80w amp.

When I use it I usually go bass>effects>amp. I noticed the amp has a seperate effects loop. This got me thinking.

So my questions today are ...

1. How does an effects loop in amp differ from using effects in signal chain. (pros/cons of each etc)?

2. With effects what is best (pros/cons or each etc)?
a. Bass>effects>amp?
b. Bass>amp amp>Effects loop?

3. When going into FOH where to put DI (pros/cons of each etc)?
a. From DI out built into amp?
b. Instrument>DI>split to amp/FOH?

Thanks for any info you may have.

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