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Zoom B3-My Review

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:18 pm
by pins
Hi all,
Joppo suggested I do a review and share my thoughts on this multi effect unit seeing I have used it a fair amount already.
I did alot of research as per usual before pulling the trigger because I had no opportunity to try one first. I was reasonably happy with my array of Boss bass pedals,Chorus,Distortion,Limiter,Octave,Flanger and Tuner.But just wanted more options at my feet.
I found one on eBay for $253.00 NZ with free shipping,BARGAIN !

So what I really love about this unit is the 3 large LED displays showing what is selected in each channel.Brings up a picture of the amp sim or effect selected,so,so cool.Its so easy to see and so easy to skip through the "pages" of each individual effect to tweak pretty well everything.
Every amp sim and effect is totally adjustable to suit what you want to hear.The tuner is also large and easy to read and operate.

The DI line out is also better than those in either of my amps.It has a cool USB interface (which will also power the unit) where you can use its own "edit and share" software (free) to move everything around,tweak anything and download other users patch ides,which is pretty neat,here is one library of patches ... m5nUDNyMkk I like the title,lol.

I initially intended to use it as in in line effect unit but after trying it as an external pre amp and running it into my Shuttle 9's effect loop receive I was blown away by what I heard.Wow,I love this unit more than ever.

The amp simulators are the jewel for me,the likes of Ampeg SVT,Fender Bassman 100,Hartke HA3500,SWR SM-900,Ampeg B15 Flip Top,Acoustic 360,and Aguilar DB750 are all in there and all very,very adjustable.I like the SVT sim the best,and use this at every gig now.
Plus each amp sim has an array of cab sims from a single 15'' cab to 8x10 cab from various manufacturers,the combinations are enormous.

The factory pre sets are pretty darn average and found no real use for them at all in stock settings.
The amount of effects available is huge and all modelled from real life pedals,over 100 in total.

I am still learning more and more each outing,but to have my drummer say "thats the best sound you have ever had" (and thats over 20 years) was enough for me to say thats the best $250 bucks I have ever spent on gear.
These three threads made me pull the trigger,a wealth of information here, ... mp-936505/ ... ts-926127/ ... as-918990/

If you don't like it Joppo I would be very surprised. I have not seen any on Tard Me and what's on offer there (multi effect wise) for $250.00 is a joke compared to the B3. :D
Sorry for the wall of txt,any questions please ask.

Re: Zoom B3-My Review

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:56 pm
by joppo
Nice review Pins :D

Re: Zoom B3-My Review

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:03 pm
by martyforrer
So tell us whether you like it or not Pins! :mrgreen:

Re: Zoom B3-My Review

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:41 pm
by pins
Best toy in the toy box period !

I should add it has a built in looper with 1.5 - 40 second record time and a ton of rhythm tracks to jam away on.
But it appears to have no save feature on the looper which is one minor disappointment but we're only talking $250 which is about what I paid for my Boss looper which does save.And other external options to record means its no biggie.

Some of the button pressing requirements to select certain features can be a bit quirky at first but its an old dog trying to learn new tricks for me :D

edit,here is the manual,grab the pdf and go to page 34 to see the list of effects