Omni15 bass cab - Demo prototype

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Omni15 bass cab - Demo prototype

Post by Harley » Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:19 pm

Mods - this is a "second hand" cab but if you feel I have have transgressed the rules by placing this for sale ( as I am a Bill Fitzmaurice cab builder ) then let me know and I'll remove it.

I have a prototype Billfitzmaurice Design Omni 15 bass cab which was my first O15 cab build which I put together as a prototype.

Anyhow - There's not enough space in my workshop now and seeing I make the new configurations of the Omni 15 ( still perform the same ), I'm prepared to let this go for material cost - so it's a bargain for someone.

This cab spanks the pants off a 410 - go to for specs and click on the forum for reviews etc.

Weight -about 29kg
Woofer - Eminence Kappa-Pro15LF
Mid - Eminence MR8
500 watt - 8 ohm
Note! HORN LODADED - so it performs MUCH better than a std radiator cab.
Crossovers fitted using top quality Erse coils and poly-caps

Hours played at gigs/demos - about 12hrs total

Now, being my first Omni cab, the carpet job isn't all that flash compared to the standards I like, but you have to look hard to see the flaws.

8MR mid driver with crossover


Kappa Pro 15LF

Cat not included!!!!

Price = $NZ680 - fixed

Will fit castors on if required for an extra $NZ 35.00

Location = Mt Wellington
Retired authorised builder of Bill Fitzmaurice Design Speaker cabs for New Zealand -

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