Rules for This Forum

For sponsoring businesses to advertise anything music related. New products, specials etc. Only businesses can start topics here.
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Rules for This Forum

Post by beagle » Wed Apr 09, 2008 7:49 pm

Rules for Advertisers
To become a Sponsor and be eligible to advertise in this forum free of charge, you need to do the following or else your posts will be deleted;

1) Place a easily visible link on your websites home page to .... see here for logo etc ... ?f=31&t=13
2) Clearly show in your post what discount or special is available to members if they deal with you.
3) Be honest... or suffer the consequences.

Rules for non Advertisers
1) You cannot create a new post... only comment on existing ones.
2) Be honest. Defamation will not be tolerated.

PM me if you have any questions. 8)
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