Rare Opportunity for Bass Guitarists

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Rare Opportunity for Bass Guitarists

Post by gittlerbass » Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:51 am

Gittler Instruments is offering 10 musicians the rare opportunity to receive a prototype instrument and become a Beta Tester toward new bass guitar development.

We have kept the information on these groundbreaking basses from the public to defend its proprietary nature and safeguard against patent infringement prior to their release.

For the next three weeks, Kickstarter investors will have a rare chance at grabbing the remaining spots and helping to offer their advice and notes on the bass range to help perfect an already paradigm shattering design.

Help develop this unique instrument for the bass guitar community: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/git ... th-no-body

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Re: Rare Opportunity for Bass Guitarists

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