FOUNDATION™ Bass Bridge by KSM Guitars

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FOUNDATION™ Bass Bridge by KSM Guitars

Post by ksmguitars » Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:33 am

KSM Guitars manufacturers a revolutionary bass bridge that is guaranteed to revolutionize the way you see your instrument!

The FOUNDATION™ Bass Bridge by KSM Guitars was designed to achieve the benefits of a single solid piece, but also to be fully adjustable for each individual player. Kevin S. Moore has utilized a patented ramp system that allows for precise adjustments and maximizes the transfer of string-to-body vibrations. This improved string-to-body contact gives the instrument exceptional brightness and clarity.

The KSM FOUNDATION™ Bass Bridge is perfect for independent bass builders looking to set themselves apart and for bass bridge upgrades. An instrument that is retrofitted with the KSM FOUNDATION™ Bass Bridge will have enhanced characteristics; such as if the instrument tends to sound low and punchy, those characteristic tones will sound clearer and more refined.

All moving components lock into position with a clamping system after final adjustments are made to prevent any part from vibrating loose after extended use. Because the entire bridge is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum, the light, durable and very resonant material resists all corrosion and rust, while continually maintaining tonal integrity.

This bridge is far superior to other comparably priced bridges. The revolutionary design is completely unique and can not be compared to other bridges on the market.

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Amazon (Search For Foundation Bass Bridge or KSM)
The FOUNDATION™ Bass Bridge by KSM Guitars; Sure to revolutionize the way you think about your guitar!!

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