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Re: Hipshot D-Tuner

Post by Cory » Mon Sep 03, 2007 8:42 pm

kninez wrote:Re Original topic question - I am also in the look out for a d-tune hipshot - ive rung the rock shop and they dont bring in ones for Fender BUT I see they are obtainable for about US $ 80 on a few US sites - do a goolge search. But Im not sure which fender model to get as there are various. So if anyone knows where in NZ to get them pls advise. I do covers and have several times had to get that lower D to get the right pitch for the orig song as the artist has also detuned - it is common. (try Foo Fighters Ëvermore") Pls advise if anyone does know where to purchase in NZ....... :?:
I am in the same boat playing covers. But I have a plan that I have been thinking about trying for a while. Tuning my Ibanez SR5 to DEADG.

For those of you who will most likely ask "Why not just play it on the B?"

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Re: Hipshot D-Tuner

Post by manofthematch » Sat May 10, 2014 7:37 am

I can certainly vouch for the Hipshot detainers as I have one on my MIM Fender jazz fretless and one on my 4 string EB Stingray.

I do have a 5string Stingray but to be honest my 4 goes with me on the road. And yeah it is pretty handy as we do a couple of songs where I use it.

I'm not privy to it damaging the bass neck... my necks are fine. They are pretty accurate and you do have a secondary screw which is adjustable for limiting the amount of travel the tuning peg does. Basically the tuning peg is attached to a swivel plate. Pretty cleaver really.
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