Additional Rules for Businesses

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Additional Rules for Businesses

Post by beagle » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:36 pm

So you're a business who manufactures, sells products or provides a service related to the community and you want to 'connect' with your clients? Excellent!

We have no beef with you being part of our forum.... in fact we totally encourage it. Musicians have to support businesses because otherwise we wouldn't have access to any instruments!

As long as you keep to the rules and spirit of the site then you are most welcome.

What's the 'spirit of the site'? Honest open communication and sharing of knowledge for the benefit of the members.

Rules for you are;

1. BE HONEST & GENUINE... if you are, you'll reap loyalty and respect from our members... if you're not, you'll probibly be found out and will get a bad reputation so be very carefull what you say.
2. Don't start topics promoting your own products unless it is in the 'Sponsor Promotions / Advertising Section'.
3. Feel free to advertise your products in the Sponsor Promotions / Advertising Section ( but to do so you must adhere to the rules found here: ... f=67&t=511
4. Blatent product or service advertising throughout the rest of the forum will not be tolerated.
5. Sending unsolicited messages to members for the purpose of selling products or services through this forum will not be tolerated.
6. Note in your signature who you represent. This makes your advice / comments more transparent to our members and also gives you some free advertising.
7. Feel free to comment on any exisiting post about your own products or services but remember rule #1
8. Paid advertising in the banner locations on the site can be arranged.

If you have any queries then you can always just PM me (beagle).