EQ/COMPRESSING bass on digital recordings - TIPS please

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Re: EQ/COMPRESSING bass on digital recordings - TIPS please

Post by ryanmaiden » Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:43 am

Yeah, timi is bang on. Sayings such as "we'll fix it in the mix" and "We can fix it when we master" are stupid.
Having to fix frequency issues when mastering can really suck the life out of a song. In my limited experience, EQ at the mastering stage is used a bit like one would use salt and pepper on an already complete dish. It's there to provide a subtle enhancement of the musical "flavours" already there, rather than completely altering them.

Back to Def's original question - I think it's been said already, don't do too much tweaking at a time while the the bass track is soloed. After each knob turn/preset change, check it with the full mix. It's rather frustrating when you spend about half an hour of mucking around to get a really sweet bass sound, just to switch in the rest of the mix and hear the bass dissolve into the guitars.
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