Vector Arena - Got a 'Sound' solution?

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Re: Vector Arena - Got a 'Sound' solution?

Post by manofthematch » Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:51 am

so good to have so many top bands coming over huh
Too right there Beagle. I often wish we could have a lot more top bands come by NZ. Obviously we don't have the population base but it's interesting sometimes comparing the ticketek or ticketmaster Australian and NZ websites. The Auzzies still get quite a few bands which don't quite make it over here... it's like sometimes NZ is just a bridge too far.

I do often get jealous of northern hemisphere countries and cities which see a lot more international acts. I wish they'd come down under more often. But NZ is a great place and I think we do a good job of getting the acts and bands we do. Can't help but wish for more.

Indeed having a venue like Vector, I'd imagine has helped the NZ cause.
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