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Re: Insurance

Post by Mr Bass Man » Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:54 pm

about 14 years ago someone broke into our garage (the garages were underneath the block of 4 units at the back) and stole all my gear (tokai bass, peavy amp head, 2x10 and my suitcase full of leads, vocal mic...etc...) the only thing they didn't take was my quad box..... We went to claim on AMI and they said that as I had not specifically stated that I had band equipment they wouldn't pay out... they said that band equipment was a 'high risk' item and needed to be insured separately..... shame they didn't tell me this at the time when wife upped the amount on the contents insurance to INCLUDE my band gear.
I don't know any insurance company that covers band gear anymore.... most said they will cover it if it is sitting at home locked up and gets stolen, but once it goes into the back of my car to a band gig then forget it.... no cover
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