Soundcheck - how does your band do it?

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Soundcheck - how does your band do it?

Post by Mr Bass Man » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:54 am

Just interested in how other bands sound check - i.e do you do drums first, bass second.... ?

Reason I'm asking is sound checks for my current band are getting longer and more painful - and it's incredibly frustrating sometimes.

We always start with the drums - kick first. Drummer likes a full on punchy kick, then does snare / toms...etc... then we add bass and me and drummer jam a bit to get levels right, then we bring in guitar (only 1 guitarist) and lastly vocals
But by the time we add the vocals they are pretty much on full and there's no room to put them up any higher
Drummer keeps in fiddling with the desk (he's also bands sound engineer) to try and improve the sound - but then something starts feeding back or kick drum starts to ring, singer wants more vocal in monitors, but then vocals start squealing a bit in the monitors.....

Last gig was particularly painful.... did a sound check and everything sounded pretty good, then singer asked if volume could go up if needed later in the night and drummer said everything was pretty much on full and starts adjusting everything to try and get more volume.... then 30-40 mins later ends up turning everything back to what it was at the start of sound check!

I suggested that perhaps we should sound check vocals first and get them crystal clear out front and in the monitors - then bring in the other instrument to around the same level.... hut drummer and singer didn't seem that keen

We have a good PA with powered speakers that are pretty powerful and it does sound really good out front, but the long and painful sound checks are doing my head in sometimes!

does anyone else have problems with sound checks? (or drummers who won't relinquish power of the mixing desk)
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