E-H Bass Balls Dynamic Filter

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E-H Bass Balls Dynamic Filter

Post by foal30 » Sat Dec 13, 2008 7:08 pm

Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls Twin Dynamic Filter

tis an Envelope filter with distortion options. this is the Russian made reissue which came out in 1999(?)

sturdy as a sturdy thing from sturdy town, made of steel, like no plastic.
9v battery or adapter but it's a pin connection, NOT the normal "Boss" one. If you follow my man Timi's advice and get a Jaycar regulated adapter it includes 7 pins, and yes the right one is in that set.Pain for daisy chain though :D
the feet are screwed in which is good, 'cos it's a pain in the ass to lose these.It's also a sizable unit so be aware of this if your already on a tight pedal board.

pretty bloody easy to use, in, out, proper switch to activate, toggle for distortion or auto wah and sensitivity dial for how much effect you want in. This is cool on the funky side of things but I think it only really boots up the distortion side quite late on the piece. The unit responds to your right hand attack, a fair myriad of tonal variations on how and where you hit, really is fun for days but something to sort pre-gig! You can get a little Bootsyish gurgle and I quite like the sensitivity at 12 o'clock whilst playing thumb/palm mute style on a flatwound strung P Bass. Popping on the Steinberger and Jazz Bass was getting a little hairy, some notes absolutely jump out.

I added a Flanger in front and with the distortion off it really kicks on, with a pick it was "For the Love of Money" city. I tried a distortion unit in front but found that harder going, it's also quite a "hot" effect so Limiter/Compression would be the go.

For funk jams this is very cool, I've had a lot of fun with this effect pedal and I'm nearly always a Nervous Nellie about taking stuff outside of the practice space. I've already got major recording plans for it and I'll put up a link when I've got something presentable.

Def a try before you buy pedal, it will not be all purpose or everyone's cup of tea but IMHO it's well worth a bash. It's not going to break, it does a couple of things really well, it's quiet in the chain when not in use and seems fairly transparent, there is a little "click" sometimes when pushing on in mid-flight.

as Nice One Stu said "Have a Go!".

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