Jansen 50 Bassman Amplifier

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Re: Jansen 50 Bassman Amplifier

Post by joppo » Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:09 pm

beagle wrote:Any chance you can upload a snippet so I can hear how it sounds?
+1! Looking forward to hearing it.

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Re: Jansen 50 Bassman Amplifier

Post by foal30 » Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:12 am

http://www.bassplayer.co.nz/files/Equus ... k%2003.mp3

OK, thanks everyone for the help in getting this tune online.

12/8 time signature
key is C major

I went and overdubbed the entire bassline on the Fender Fretless Boner Jazz. it has D'Addario Chrome flats on, and only the neck pick up is turned up and no tone pot used either.It's fingerstyle plucked between the end of the fingerboard and the neck PUP.

from 2:30 approx I add the tone pot, pluck a lot harder and increase the treble on the Jansen from 15% to 50%. This section has also been mixed "louder" to help hear the difference, the finished track is unlikely to sound like this.

The Jansen was only on low volume maybe 30% and Bass at 75-80%. It's going into an Ashdown ABM 15/10, the horn is switched off and the microphone (Audio Techinca) is on the 15" speaker. There is a little DI sound in the mix, but pretty much the lower or main bassline is the miked cabinet.

Questions and comments welcome but what would be real good is people uploading their stuff into the appropriate thread/columns. I'm hoping to put some soundbites of the various pedals I've reviewed onto the site, I think this may be a handy resource. I'd like to hear Timi add some ideas to the recording section, John it be good to the hear the 2x15 thing, WTBP the L2 :twisted: ... you know we could all learn or in fact outright steal off each others ideas/sound/groove.

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