Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active

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Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active

Post by Beyond » Fri Aug 22, 2008 6:04 am

Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active - posted in the UK also

What I think.
This bass cost me £230 from Mansons in Exeter (Devon, UK) and was crafted in Indonesia. They set it up for me, and there is the back up they offer as a local store. The three band active tone circuit is a good one not a noisy and it delivers a good range of tones including the scooped slap sound that many like.

The bass is not light but it isn’t over heavy either. The finish is very good for a bass of this cost. The bass profiles feels slightly ‘squared off’ and the wood is not a classic lovely piece of rock maple it looks a bit anaemic to me, but is at the same time quite useable. I would, if I had time, I would slightly re-profile the neck, but it is not a big deal. The bass looks like a jazz but does not have the iconic scratch plate, which according the guy in Mansons makes it look a bit ‘Jaco’.

The fretboard is ebanol (which I think is made from phenolic resin), this seems to give a more modern snap to the sound. The fret work is great very well executed, no dot markers on the front of the fretboard. The bridge is a solid machined affair not the traditional bent tin Fender affair.

Talking of the sound I would say it has a modern jazz sound, if anything there is a slight lack of clarity in the mids to my ear, but this is not a bad sound it is part of its character. I have seen reviews say that the B is a little quiet which may be true but it is not that noticeable. The bass responds well to slapping technique. It is a nice bass to play finger style as well. I think I would describe the sound as having a warm round bottom end with a bite to the top end.

The bass is a bargain in my opinion, although it is not top quality throughout, this bass can acquit itself it fairly distinguished (read expensive) company, I would recommend it as a first bass and as a very competent spare.

The manufacturers say

The Deluxe Jazz Bass Active V is a handsome instrument perfect for burgeoning five-string bassists who want active tone, or as a low-cost backup for any working five-string bassist. Features include an active three-band EQ with slap switch and a one-piece maple neck with ebonol fingerboard.
• Series Deluxe Series
• Colors (500) 3-Color Sunburst, (505) Olympic White, (506) Black, (Polyurethane Finish)
• Body Basswood
• Neck Maple, C-Shape, (Polyurethane Finish)
• Fingerboard Rosewood, 12” Radius (305mm)
• No. of Frets 20 Medium Jumbo
• Pickups 2 Single-Coil 5-String Jazz Bass® Pickups (Mid & Bridge)
• Controls Master Volume,
• Blend, Treble, Middle, Bass, Slap Switch
• INPUT 1KHz 100mV
• MAX OUTPUT (VR MAX,EQ C) 1KHz 100mV 60mV
• TREBLE BOOST/CUT 10KHz 8dB/-9dB 9dB/-9dB
• MIDDLE BOOST/CUT 1KHz 9dB/-10dB 7dB/-8dB
• BASS BOOST/CUT 100Hz 7dB/-7dB 4dB/-5dB
• MINI NOISE (VR ALL MINI) 1KHz 0.5mV below 0.5mV below
• MAX NOISE (VR ALL MAX) 1KHz 3mV below 3mV below
• RESPONSE 100 Hz LOW 0dB 8dB
• 1 KHz MIDDLE 0dB 0dB
• 10 KHz HIGH 0dB 4dB
• Pickup Switching Blend Control
• Bridge Standard 5-Saddle
• Machine Heads Standard Open-Gear Tuners, (4-Over / 1-Under)
• Hardware Chrome
• Pickguard None
• Scale Length 34” (864 mm)
• Width at Nut 2.008" (51 mm)
• Unique Features Active Electronics,
• Quick Release Battery Compartment,
• Side Dot Position Inlays,
• Knurled Chrome Control Knobs,
• Matching Painted Headstocks on Black (06) and Olympic White (05)
• Strings Fender Super 7350-5M Stainless Steel (.045 to .125)
• Accessories None
• Introduced 1/2007


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Re: Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active

Post by beagle » Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:58 pm

Great review Beyond 8)
These look to be an excellent choice as a starter or spare as you say.
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Re: Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active

Post by BigBoris » Sat Aug 23, 2008 3:59 am

What's that extra string for Jon?


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Re: Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active

Post by Beyond » Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:28 am

It did not come supplied with a thumb rest so I put an extra thick string on and robert's your mother's brother!

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