SKB iSeries molded case

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SKB iSeries molded case

Post by manofthematch » Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:56 am

If you seek a bass guitar case that is built like a battleship and want something to protect your bass for flights (baggage handlers can be pretty darn rough), then the iSeries case is for you.

The rockshop doesn't tend to have these in stock but you can order them in for ~$500. Check out more info here ... o=&c=84&s=

These beauties are waterproof too so they really do a good job of protecting your instrument.
It fits p and j basses and stingrays too. I got it mainly because most of our gigs are out of town so when I put my bass (each of which is a fairly high investment) on the plane, I know this particular case will protect it to the highest degree.

It is fairly hefty weight, 11kgs sans bass so once you put the bass inside it's certainly a weighty beast. It's also quite long in that it won't fit inside your sedan's boot. I have a Caldina wagon and it won't fit inside the boot. Maybe a Holden / Ford wagon might fit it.

Anyways, this case might be overkill in some ways but I do trust it.

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