Ashdown Envelope Filter

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Ashdown Envelope Filter

Post by foal30 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:56 am

got this dirt cheap off Trade Me
you can get Ashdown gear new from Music Planet

made in China, runs on 9v battery or or AC adapter (same type as the Boss plugs). Battery compartment is crap. Pedal behaves very randomly if not receiving enough juice!

Input (this allocates how much signal will trigger the envelope follower)
Peak ( this controls the gain before the frequency cut off)
Up/Down ( this connects with the cut off frequency is and if it goes low to high or high to low)
BP/LP ( band pass / low pass... cuts frequencies at a point. Low Pass = cuts high frequency)

it impossible to change settings on the fly, and you can't see the markings on the knobs. As it were.

it's not overly aggressive this filter and it also has a fairly slow-average response time. This is good for me but punters should try first as this is not always the requirement with filters.

worked good with bridge pick up soloed and extra bite with adding in either Flanger or Chorus.

for the $ it's good. Just wont be everyone's bag.
probably record some things with this in early Feb, if I remember I'll put up a link.
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