Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-bass Pickups

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Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-bass Pickups

Post by irvinz » Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:36 pm

have a set of these in my bass atm,

its a jazzz bass that is routed out for a p bass pickup. just a lil bit more closer to the neck compared to a traditional p bass.
(which may play a small part to my review)

this is stock from my bosses old mainline music days. i was quite tempted to get a set of quarter pounds. but decided to spend a bit more... got to milk it up while i can right? =) well, im not regretting it. these pickups are amazing! heaps of clarity, and just what a p bass should sound like, smokes any p bass i've played yet. even the old buggers. who have a good vibe.... but dont really do awesome on tones.

our drum tech was stoked when he saw me playing the bass. put it up against the american standard p bass and the G&L SB-2.

the antiquities were huge. much more clarity, sweeter top end. a good punch in the lower mids when desired (mine has a higher pair of poles for the A string).

I have yet to play as many p bass pickups as compared to jazz pickups. i do however have tried vintage fralins, lace sensors, nordstrand np-4, wilkinsons, rio grandes, dimarzios, n another set of seymour duncans (i cant remember which model) . antiquities play much better. clarity and dynamics.

If you have a p bass and you think it needs a lil extra. something that makes it special? this may do the trick. hands on heart =) i would put pictures up. but whats the point? i might put up clips if i get around to it.

happy to put a small talk on the jazz quarter pounds that i put to go along side this if any of you are keen. in a tow liner. if you want a jazz bass pickup to play jazz, dont do it. if you do rock and roll and everything up to metal, this is good. bit harsh on the trebles tho
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