Hangman Gig 1/10/09

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Hangman Gig 1/10/09

Post by foal30 » Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:47 pm

Dux de Lux Christchurch

pretty good turn out especially for a Thursday night
probably not enough enthusiastic dancers sadly. Might be due to age of most punters :)

55 minute set which seemed to cover tunes of all the different recordings/releases I have heard from this band. Which www.hangmanmusic.co.nz or www.amplifier.co.nz can help you with :D

Hangman are clearly rehearsed, not just tight, but "proper" syncopation and a drummer confident enough in his cohorts to both turn the beat over and *BANNED* with the time. Had to laugh with Brent stepping up to the mic for lead vox duty... the cuts intro is in 5/4... as you manage the band Brent you can be a bit easier on yourself I reckon :D

Good guitar tones and he has his Jimmy Nolen scratch style down, and a bit of John Fruscentie wah styling too. Singer is enthusiastic, which is appropriate for the style but he needs a tambourine :) . If your singing shake something... Prince taught me that, there is something in that for all of us. :D
Drummer is a mother, not just hitting hard but hitting well. Shallow snare cuts well, but I probably prefer more body. Not particularly fill based set but far more important is the musicality of his parts, he's playing the tunes not the drums IYKWIM

as for the Bass Player. Moves well :) Sings too, always (well often) a plus for any band. Clearly groove orientated, well in the pocket, enjoyed the walking line in a bridge to a rocking number, and seemed to enjoy himself. Interacted well with audience, this is IMO important. Way cool hat.

best tunes for me were
from "A to B"
and the new hit single "Do It"

gig/set list was pretty well paced, no huge shifts in either momentum or style. FFS check this band out, even if it's not your bag their well worth a bo-peep to see a band that cares enough about their own music to present a logical, coherent and organized musical performance.

yours sincerely,
Slave to the Rhythm Changes

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Re: Hangman Gig 1/10/09

Post by john » Sun Oct 11, 2009 12:56 pm

Nice review Reuben

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