Los Diablos : Not Cursed EP

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Los Diablos : Not Cursed EP

Post by foal30 » Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:24 pm

7 selection "E.P" which I am guessing is acting like a business card in sourcing gigs/promotion.
The tunes include a couple of well known covers so I am guessing this is an easy cost reduction measure and savvy for marketing to bar managers "do you play anything I know?" :D

my favorite cut is "Volcano Blues" a bit Auckland centric and the lyric is a cracker. I like the quick move through the changes to intro the cut, cool honky-tonkish keys, enough slide guitar to hear not overpower (thank God :D ), quality rhythm section cut/stops.Bass Guitar could be a bit higher in the mix, nice staccato-ish line and enthusiastic honked slide at 1:45 :D

Track 5 has Craig Bracken from the uber-cool Darcy Perry Band on Harmonica, good intro on this song, nice use of pace (tempo) to create dynamism.

contact this site boss for purchase details, I expect this review should cover my subs fore the year :D

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Re: Los Diablos : Not Cursed EP

Post by beagle » Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:02 am

Cheers mate! 8) You've summed that up very well.
I have to admit that I was rather sheepish sending it to you after hearing your stella CD. :lol:
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