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Next gig - 3yr old birthday....hmm

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:41 am
by weimey
Hi all,
loving this site which I originally looked at while trying to decide what cabs to buy. This place is a great resource!
I've finally replaced my stolen gear (GK1001rb, yamaha rbx375. bstds) and looking forward to playing a bit more regularly as I did when I was living overseas. My son's birthday is at the end of march and the only song he wants to hear at present is Slow night so Long so I am going to surprise (or horrify) him with a rush together band performance of it and a couple of others. After that some frequent jams and gigs will keep me sane.

Settled on a Genz Benz streamliner and a 2nd hand Mesa cab the sound seemed to match for now.