Hi from cold and miserable UK

Welcome, Introduce yourself! Have any comments or ideas? It's your site, what do you want to see?
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Hi from cold and miserable UK

Post by andrew_actium » Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:23 pm

Morning everybody,

Still live in the UK but someday hoping to move to NZ after visiting via a camper van a few years ago.

Been playing bass for about 20 years in various bands (good and bad) and tend to have a few guitars that have stuck to me during this time (never really want to sell them if I can help it)

Got a Fender Jazz japanese origin early 90's but really sweet, a 20th anniversary Stingray 4 1996, a Guild B301 with some mods but the real peach is a 1998 Fender P bass in black with a maple neck. Got it for a snip last October and as always with these things happen just by accident really.(plus my wife wasn't in the shop at the time either)

Playing in a function band at present got a gig tonight for a birthday party, this band is a lot of fun with no irritating characters (which can be difficult) hope they think the same!

Still get tuition from time to time from a pro, just keeps it fresh and stops you playing the same old riffs --- check out his website: Paul Geary Bass tuitor.


Andrew :D :D :D

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Re: Hi from cold and miserable UK

Post by Jazzbass » Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:23 am

Hi Andrew.

My eldest son is also in UK, playing bass in a metal band in London.
Welcome to kiwiland :)

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Re: Hi from cold and miserable UK

Post by beagle » Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:55 am

Hey Andrew
Welcome to the site. Sounds like a nice collection of basses there. Paul's demos are sweet. How much to do you pay for your lessons?
There's been a big influx of Brits in recent times here. Some really good musos amoungst them.
Steve 8)
Jazzbass wrote:Welcome to kiwiland :)
He hasn't got here yet Rog! :lol:
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Re: Hi from cold and miserable UK

Post by matt » Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:19 pm

G'day Andrew,


Takes me back - I remember attending a clinic in the UK with Paul Geary probably 12 years or so ago - top player.

You know NZ is calling you - come on down!
...in search of the impeccable groove...

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Re: Hi from cold and miserable UK

Post by ryla » Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:53 pm

Hi, Andrew - we are beginning to get cold (but not miserable here), and you will be under the sun - I sold my 78 black Rick when i did my OE and when I got back, I found it for sale in "Big City Music" store in Fort st Auckland (anyone remember that?) - bought it of course - had a rockin good time in Europe - though too rockin' as I was caught in a big earthquake in southern Italy in 1980 - that was rockin' bad - YES - having friendly bandmates with the same philosophy is the key, i think the music actually comes after that - good luck - Nev.

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Re: Hi from cold and miserable UK

Post by Crazykiwi » Wed Apr 14, 2010 6:26 pm

Hello, I run a uk bass forum. But I'm not going to ment-


I've spent most of my life blatting back and forth between the UK and NZ as an economic refugee.

Welcome to Bassplayer.co.nz. :) Gear pics please!
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Re: Hi from cold and miserable UK

Post by andrew_actium » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:27 pm

Good Morning,

Sorry not to reply, my computer crashed back in March and until I received an email (which I did today) couldn't remember my details.
Old age creeping in I think.

Thanks for all the friendly replies! that is what I remember about being in NZ.

A 78 Rick! getting pretty hard to get hold of now, a guy at work has one under his bed from the 70's but will not part with it --- can't blame him really, beautiful neck does it have the dot markers or the blocks?
I have just got my hands on an ex-demo Overwater Bass ( check out their website ) it was also sort of through Paul G who is an endorsee, it is a five string which has taken me quite a while to get my head and fingers around. Been playing in 4ths at times, which I tell them in the band it is a tense jazz feel --- don't think they believe me though. My wife has suggested that is it for guitars now --- I had to sell the jazz to raise the cash-- and have been eating ritz crackers for a while to get over the outlay!
It is a beautiful thing but I sort of feel not good enough to do it justice. More practice!

Hi Steve
I pay £25.00 an hour with Paul and go for a double lesson once every 4-6 weeks as I have to travel about 90 miles to get there, sounds a bit of an excursion but worth the effort and money as I get some pretty good stuff from him. He has some pretty good techniques up his sleeve you don't tend to see mainstream and the music reading is slowly improving.
Guitars......The Musicman Stingray I have is the Peach (1996 20th anniversary) trouble is I can't really take it anywhere as it is quite rare -- I have been tempted to sell it but I may regret it in the future.
I got it in a closing down sale 10 years ago for a v good price and sometimes it is best not to do anything hasty when you get some good luck . I had a 67 precision in 1990 I got for £200.00 and sold it for about the same price cos' I thought it looked scruffy --- can you believe it ......

Do you guys get Bass guitar Magazine http://www.bassguitarmagazine.com/ I have been following the lessons on reading from one of the columns (Andrew McKinney)and it it is finally dawning.

Hi Jazzbass, I think your son is in the best place to be playing in a band right now there is more variety and a good scene in London plus lots of different styles going on.

Your right still not there (NZ) yet.



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Re: Hi from cold and miserable UK

Post by BluesBass » Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:44 am

andrew_actium wrote:Still live in the UK but someday hoping to move to NZ after visiting via a camper van a few years ago.
Thats one hell of a drive... was it much cheaper than by plane? :D

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