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For Sale: Livesound 2x12 cab

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:03 am
by timi
I had this built for me by Livesound ten years ago, I had one of their 8x10s and wanted something smaller, this is basically an "Ampeg sounding" 2x12 cabinet, but like the classic 8x10s it's a sealed cab so it has a very tight, punchy and even low end. The current Ampeg 2x12 is ported.

4ohm, handles 500 watts RMS and is about 25kg. I found it equally as ballsy as most 4x10s and sounded fantastic live or on record. It's in very good condition and I never thrashed it or let other bands use it. Only selling because I'm not in NZ, it's Currently in storage in Auckland and I'll be there on sept 17 and driving to Wellington a week later so could drop on the way.

It cost me $1100, I'd like to see $500 for it. Sorry not many pics of it.