Mesa Strategy Eight:88

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Mesa Strategy Eight:88

Post by MesaMan » Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:47 pm

PIcked up the Strategy 8:88 just before Xmas. Awesome tone and drives my Mesa Powerhouse cabs so well. I've owned SWR and Ampeg heads and I still have my Mesa M-Pulse 600 which is a mighty powerful amp but the Strategy just has a tone that none of the others had. I'm probably looking at 600-800 for a complete valve set so I'll order those in this month so I have a set when I need them. Seems like a lot of gear, a lot of weight and a lot cost... but I like it, even at 55yo.
One thing erks me - why didn't the Rockshop also bring in the Optional Footswitch for it? The amp cover has a pocket for storing the footswitch. The footswitch controls 5 of the amp functions and has a tuner output jack. I'm told by the Rockshop the order will go in January so I might be lucky and have the footswitch by March/April. Very disappointing.

Mesa Impulse 600, 2x12, 1x15 and 4x10 Powerhouse cabinets, ESP Horizon Custom 5 string, Warwick Limited Edition FNA Jazzman 5 string, Ibanez SDGR 4 string, Fender American Jazz Deluxe 5...and now a Mesa Strategy Eight:88

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