Why did the Ampeg cross over the road?

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Re: Why did the Ampeg cross over the road?

Post by timi » Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:39 pm

MesaMan wrote:I have a Mesa m-Pulse 600w head and Powerhouse cabs. I have the 4x10, 2x12 and 1x15 cabintes. I can use any two in combination to get the maximum power. Each cabinet has 3 way selectable crossover points and an attenuator for the horn. It's simple to hook up, its loud and the sounds is better than many other bass rigs I've had the opportunity to hear. It has a great balance between highs, mids and lows. The cabinets are not cheap and are heavy but produce a full and powerful sound. I run a Warwick fretless 4 string, Warwick FNA Jazzman 5 string (fretted) and a Fender Deluxe Jazz 5 string (fretted) through it.
You like the way it sounds so that's all that matters, but combining any two of those cabinets full range is causing comb filtering no matter how much they cost. If you grabbed a second cab of whichever is your favourite I bet you'd prefer it over mixing cabs.

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