Jansen Liberator

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Jansen Liberator

Post by monster » Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:09 pm

When it comes to Jansen valve amps I've known about the Bassman (indeed, I've got a blackface 75W and I love it to bits) and many years ago a friend had a Dominator (80 or 100W?) from 2x 6550.

...but I did not know about the Liberator - 200W, 4x 6550, same facia (with the faders rather than knobs) and chassis as the Dominator. Must weigh a ton!
Does anyone have one or used to have one?
That is a pretty powerful amp, assuming everything works correctly.

Two channels, 'guitar' channel has tremolo *and* a presence control. Lots of features then :wink:

I've got the opportunity to buy a very nice one... wondering if I should... might cost $700-$800. Does that sound reasonable?

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