Bill Fitzmaurice Cabinets - Tallboy

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Bill Fitzmaurice Cabinets - Tallboy

Post by beagle » Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:17 am

BFM Tallboy
After testing out the Jack 10 & 12 for a couple of weeks I was not sure what to expect from this cabinet. Surely bigger is better? ;-) Harley took away the Jack 10 & 12 cabs I was testing and then pulled the aptly named 'Tallboy' out of the back seat of his sedan.

I guess you could say it appears about the height of a 6x10 but not as wide. It certainly doesn't weigh as much. Maybe Harley can clarify the weight but my guess would be around 45 kgs. It's a little awkward to carry any distance so a set of casters or a dolly like you see in the picture is a must accessory for this one.

it's not much to look at.... just a tall black box. It's not too easy to see behind the shiny front grill but in the right light you'll see it doesn't look anything like a conventional box. Where you normally expect to see speakers you simply see curved horn-like plywood surfaces. You can't actually tell what configuration of speakers are inside of it just by looking at it. This is obviously where the custom design of the BFM cabinets comes into play. A lot of thought and construction has gone on with the design of the cabinet compared to a conventional box. I've never seen a photo of Bill but I could imagine he looks a little like Einstein, spending late nights pouring over mountains of papers with scribbled calculations and plywood shavings in his hair.

Ok so once left to my own devices I hooked this one up to my Gallien Kruegar 800RB amp which puts out 200watts rms into 8ohms. The cab is 500watts into 8 ohms so I don't expect it's going to be pushed at all. Speakon connectors are found on all of Harley's BFM cabs. Unlike the Jack cabs there is no switch for the high frequency horns. The unit is fitted with 3 crossovers that are permanently fixed.
The box itself is covered with a hardwearing textured paint, plastic stackable corners and spring loaded retractable carry handles on each side. My test bass was a 6 string Cort electric basses fitted with Bartolini pickups.

Turn it on...
and i was suitably impressed. The smoothness of transition between the low B and high C strings was really good. No great loss of level or change in tone at any point in the frequencies. The low B was delivered fairly full, clear and not muddied at all. The rest of the range also sounded really nice. playing chords on the 6 sounded sweet and no hints of the 'horn-like' mid-top end sound I had experienced with the smaller cabs. My wide ranging 1x15 + 2x10 mesa cab combination wasn't a good comparison for volume as they add up to 4 ohms. Tone wise the mesa's had a fuller bottom end but the Tallboy's clarity and smoothness across the range made it a pleasure to play.

Summing up
I only tried this in my practice room but I got the impression that in a live situation this cab could really cut through the mix. At the end of the day it's main competitor would be a 6 x 10" or 8 x 10" because size vrs output is the really the deal with larger cabs.... but unfortunately I don't have either to compare it to. For weight and size I'm fairly confident this would have the edge over a 6x10. If you're after a big round dub sound or a coloured sound then it's probably not your bag. But if you're after a cab that delivers excellent clarity right through the frequency range then it's worth checking out.

Also I forgot to mention previously that as Harley builds these cabs to order ... he can change things around to suit your own preferences.

Eminence 3015LF 8 ohm 500 watts woofer
Eminence 8MR sealed mid range - B Gavin design horn
12 Goldwood 1016 Piezos cut into a melded array, wired series/parallel
3 crossovers
500 wide, 965 high, 431 deep
$1700 each
Musicman Sterling, Fender Jazz, GK 800RB, 400RB, Neo412, Neo112, 410T

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Re: Bill Fitzmaurice Cabinets - Tallboy

Post by Harley » Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:48 pm

beagle wrote:
Maybe Harley can clarify the weight but my guess would be around 45 kgs. weighs just 31Kg. :mrgreen:

J110 - 11kg
J112 - 14 kg

My cabs are very light so for power to weight ratio, nothing else comes near.
Retired authorised builder of Bill Fitzmaurice Design Speaker cabs for New Zealand -

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