Car Accident - should I claim?

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Car Accident - should I claim?

Post by Mr Bass Man » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:40 pm

last Saturday March 3rd wife & I were driving in Auckland on the way to a wedding gig set up
we were stopped at a set of traffic lights in Great South Road and.... WHAM! we were hit from behind (young 20yr old woman looking at mobile phone!)

Car was a right off and we were both in shock... it wasn't until wife mentioned to the towie that we were on the way to a band gig setup that i went to look at my gear (was more concerned about my wife who was baling her eyes out)
guitar stand looked pretty munted but looked like amp had just moved forward - bass was between front and back seats so all ok
Long story short guitarist comes by and picks up the band gear and he went to set up and set up and sound checked my bass and said everything was working ok (phew!)

my guitar stand was munted, but it was only a $49 one from the rockshop and my mic stand has a very slight bend at the bottom of the telescopic arm - but still functions properly
Insurance company paid out for our car and asked about guitar and mic stand and said they would lodge a claim for them too - great
then last Friday 10 March we get to next gig and I notice on the side of my amp near the top (fender runble 500 combo) there is a dent in it - like someone has hit it with a hammer. had to spot unless you run your fingers over it - the amp still sounds good as ever so it hasn't affected the sound

I'm wondering if I should try and add it to the claim because it is damaged? - I'm not sure if there is any long term damage to the amp, but I picked it up and shook it around and there was nothing rattling inside.

what would you do?
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Re: Car Accident - should I claim?

Post by bronzet » Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:34 am

Depends on if there is any other damage to the amp - i would get a tech look over it to see if there is any other damage and then decide if it is worth it. If it were me and the amp only had a small and almost un-noticeable dent and no other damage / problems, i wouldn't take the matter to the insurance company. However that is just what i would do - my two cents :)
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