The best thing about playing lefty bass

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The best thing about playing lefty bass

Post by sonicfantom » Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:02 pm

The best thing about playing lefty bass is that none of those randoms can randomly jam with your bass when you aren't around (that's my pet hate - people touching my stuff). Even a lot of lefties play righty bass.

I'm tempted to get a "gigging" lefty bass, just to discourage those annoying people who hang around "test driving" the band gear.
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Re: The best thing about playing lefty bass

Post by pins » Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:20 pm

I wish I had your problem at times,for me the rando bass players wanting to jam my gear in 20 years would be very very few and far between.
This is my observation in that seems every punter wants to either sing,drum or play the guitar and lots have gotten up and done well at there chosen task......where the hell are all the bass players !!!!
I even hold the bass out gifting it to any and all to have a go,at many gigs but never any takers !
I fume while our drummer,guitarist or singer disappear off the stage (sometimes all 3 at once) leaving me with the randos to thrash it out.
Why the heck do no punters want to play the bloody bass !!! Do I need to play a lefty ? Is that the problem ? :lol:

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