Bliss by Th' Dudes Bass Tab?

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Re: Bliss by Th' Dudes Bass Tab?

Post by Jazzbass » Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:42 pm

One further point I would add to the "learn by listening and trial and terror' method is that it actually does make it easier to play other instruments as well. I've been playing guitar for a while lately and I've had to learn to listen and copy more than I normally would. Not note-for-note (pet hate), but well enough to be recognisable, yet still containing 'my sound'. Having honed that skill a bit more, I've found it so much easier on the keys gig I've picked up for NYE. Better ear = more enjoyable playing. More enjoyable playing = better muso. Win/win to me.

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Re: Bliss by Th' Dudes Bass Tab?

Post by john » Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:02 pm

Chris wrote:
I am pretty guilty for not playing things "exactly" how they should be but hey thats just me and when you play covers hundreds and hundreds of times over it would totally boring playing them note for note exactly the same every time,

We discussed this last night after the gig how as long as the core and structure of the song is there and all the vocals are correct everything else is open to interpretation,thats what keeps it interesting and enjoyable for me.
The average punter will pick out wrong lyrics in covers long before figuring out if the bassist just played a bum note :lol:
martyforrer wrote:That's so right. The artist who has a hit seldom does it the same way twice, especially when they have to play it night after night on a world tour. It's the essence of the song that''s important, not the fine details. Considering the drugs that were around, I'd be surprised if Bliss ever got played the same way twice. :mrgreen:
This is a really good point.

I listened to the Dudes reunion tour, and he played Bliss and just about every other song differently

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Re: Bliss by Th' Dudes Bass Tab?

Post by ryla » Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:05 pm

I remember setting up for a gig and the first thing the dude who booked us said to us was "I don't want you guys playing Bliss" probably thought it would start a riot - oh dear.

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