P-Bass - right first time

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Re: P-Bass - right first time

Post by Fenderfan » Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:47 am

john wrote: Welcome to the club. Highway ones are great and don't rule out copies, it's where the split coil pickup is placed that makes the P tone eh
The whole not versatile thing is funny when considering all the styles the P bass has successfully covered.
I can see why someone who is used to blending between pickups and/or using an onboard pre amp to change tones might think so.
Or a finger player that anchors the thumb on the pick up or a pick player that always plays over the bridge would think that.
It's amazing the different tones you can get from where your right hand is, with or without a pick, intensity of the pluck, palm muting and strings. Then there is the passive tone control
That was one of the first things I was taught when I started bass. How to use your hand to get the tonal differences before playing around with controls. And I use it a lot too. :D
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Re: P-Bass - right first time

Post by manofthematch » Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:27 am

Stooooked. I just really love the sound outta the P bass. I'm glad that at 35 years old I didn't go any further on through life and be close minded towards a P. They're great!
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Re: P-Bass - right first time

Post by Tim1 » Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:55 pm

+1 for the P. My Custom Shop 59er has been the go to for a while now, despite having a 63 and 68 Jazz in the cupboard . P bass with TI flats is pretty much it for me at the moment, it just sits in the mix exactly in the right spot. I put the bass lines on an album for a friend with it recently, the engineer smiled happily when he saw it and we put down six tracks in about forty minutes - five minutes to get levels and away we went.
Sometimes I take one of the others out for a while but I always seem to come back to the P.
The other great thing about a P is that it is such a simple formula that even the supposed "cheapies" sound great. My school has an old Japanese made P, beat up to heck by the students over the years, but it sounds quite superb. Once a year I dress the frets and it just keeps on giving. The new Mexican P they have just bought is no slouch either.

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Re: P-Bass - right first time

Post by T-Dub » Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:27 pm

Yep, I love my P.

I have found that if I play live with any other bass, I muck around with the tone until it sounds like a P Bass because that's what works. I found that a Jazz neck enables me to play a lot faster, live my hand just cramps up. A P neck can feel a bit big at home but live it just feels right, and as though I have a massive margin for error when trying to hit a string.

I sold all the others, still have my trusty 2008 USA P and that's not going anywhere, ever.

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Re: P-Bass - right first time

Post by martyforrer » Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:46 pm

A P with TI Flats does it for me too.

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Re: P-Bass - right first time

Post by pins » Mon Nov 24, 2014 5:54 pm

A funny thing happened !
By mistake I grabbed my Jazz ( because I have 3 sunburst basses ) and headed off to last Friday's gig, opened the case and thought Noooooooooooooooo,where is my bloody P bass !

But I will say I really enjoyed playing it and used it again the Sat night and yet again on the weekend.
I still love my P and it will always be my main player but the Jazz is no slouch either and the guys in the band would have known NO difference had I not pointed out my error in selection.

Tone was great,didn't have to alter any settings and yet it fitted in the mix just as well ( must have as no one in the band noticed ) all I missed was the awesome neck on my P bass.

I have recorded with the P and it sounds good to me but haven't had the chance to do the same with the J which I have spent more of my career playing.

Standing on the fence for now regarding my P and J basses until I get my P/J bass painted, rebuilt and back in action as the Bill lawrence pups are Gold !

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Re: P-Bass - right first time

Post by Crazykiwi » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:51 pm

So many bassists have been conditioned to look for the sound of a Fender because they were so dominant on recordings that were being broadcast at the time. Fender managed prolific output and dominated the market in the 60's. The woods were chosen for ease of supply and manufacture, not tone. The bodies were dipped in plastic before painting. The bolt on neck joint was for easy replacement if anything was damaged.

They sound 'right' because they sound familiar. To some people who aren't aware, this means they sound 'better' and fair enough to them. But Leo was a hard core engineer who was responsible for a lot of mass produced product, not a romanticist or some kind of esoteric craftsman.

A lot of the gush about finishes and tone woods on preCBS instruments came from Ed Roman. A lot of the tone of preCBS instruments has been successfully reproduced on modern instruments - even down to the effects of relicing.

I've never been a Fender man although I've been conditioned to prefer the sound of the seventies so still own a 75 Jazz and a 78 Stingray. ;)
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