What's with the Warwick hate???

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Re: What's with the Warwick hate???

Post by foal30 » Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:15 am

Some people believe Warwick got their Bass range happening due to the agreement they made with Spector.

NS2 Spector = Warwick Streamer
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Re: What's with the Warwick hate???

Post by bronzet » Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:15 am

It is true that Warwick even paid Spector a royalty fee for each Streamer sold for a short period of time. That was before Warwick decided to make same changes to the Streamer design to make them different enough from the Spectors to stop Stuart Spector from suing them and then they stopped paying Spector a royalty fee. My understanding there is still some tension between these two companies ever since. There is quite a lot of info about the history of Warwick that is quite easy to find on places like Youtube. Including history about the Warwick Nobby meidel - a bass that looks a lot like a Steinberger bass. It is no secret that Warwick's early bass designs were heavily inspired by other already well known bass manufacturers.

I own and had owned other Warwick basses, and i think they are great. The manufacturing standard is outstanding, and they are very easy to play. But i do understand that most of the instruments the make have a 'contemporary'/modern sound that not everybody likes. However overall i really like Warwick.
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